Designs for iOS 7

Main version – Info screens

  • I would like a Photoshop work overs of these 5 Info Screens so that I can make any last minute edits to text as the app develops or icons shift around minimally
  • If something significant happens with the app development, I'd come back to you to re-work them if I felt I was going to screw it up
  • These are in the app after a user taps the 'info' icon in the Nav Bar
  • They swipe through them like a gallery and they are slightly translucent so the project appears behind them.
  • My logic is to save some money where I can and aim for mostly an Apple-y default look overall with Status Bar / Nav Bar / Icons / any Text and localise it myself where I can – after I get the final app accepted
  • I think a default Apple translucency / shade would look good for the Info screens with Helvetica Neue Ultrathin font
  • The icons / icon colour I'm favouring are off-the-shelf:
  • The arrow left / right images are separate at 90 × 150 [ @2x ] and 45 x 75 [ iPad mini ]
  • The ' Close ' button is separate at 75 × 75 [ @2x ] and 38 x 38 [ iPad mini ]
  • The Nav Bar icon locations are not yet set but will most likely be in this order, left to right: 

Home / Folder / Undo / Background fill - [name of project in centre]  - New / Save / Share / Info

  • No Info Screens included in Lite version
  • The links in Info Screen 5 are live links out to Safari for the website, Facebook and Dropbox
  • If Dropbox gets built in, then this strip could be used for a different link
  • [ see further down for the current 3 strip images on Info screen 5 ] 
  • Below are the 3 strip images which line up on Info Screen 5 to make tappable links into Safari
  • These will stay in the new version
  • 1000 ×  220 [ @2x ] and 500 × 110 [ iPad mini ] 

Lite version – default screens

  • Default Launch Screen / ' Home ' screen when shifting between Make / Use modes
  • 2048 × 1496 [ @2x ] and 1024 × 748 [ iPad mini ] 
  • Nice and subtle... 

Lite version – default overlay opening image

  • Initial overlay to tell users where to tap to get their built-in content...
  • Never been happy with this, you'll be pleased to hear
  • An encouraging blob or simple, helpful arrow would suffice
  • The location of the folder icon is not yet decided but likely to be the second location, i.e. second from left position in Nav Bar
  • It appears as a translucent overlay and sometimes seems to appear over existing user projects, which it shouldn't [ bug ] so I'll try to get that sorted out
  • It should have the same ' feel' as the Default launch / Home screens
  • More subtlety... 


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