Move and Match – PR 01

Designed by a teacher

  • There was a gap for a simple but flexible app for teachers, parents and students to easily make their own content, rather than have too much inflexible content sold to them.

Works in any iOS language

  • It works seamlessly with iOS keyboard settings to allow teachers, parents and students to work in any language available on their iPad.

Move and Match is an iPad app that allows teachers, parents or students to create relevant lesson supplementary material or just useful vocabulary activities using words and images.

  • Make mode with all features switched on and a Use mode with limited features, so the project is used as intended.
  • Any language can be added on the iPad depending on the user’s settings, so it could be used in English, Spanish or French lessons and so on.
  • It can have image backgrounds added and these can be made in PowerPoint or Keynote or even just a random photo taken in class, accessed from the iPad camera roll.
  • Boxes can be added to projects and they can contain text or photos – and be resized. All these features make the app simple to use but immensely flexible.

Move and Match on iPad fills a gap as other apps are either too complex to use in key age groups or were overly graphical or play-based with no clear way to control a core pedagogical focus.

  • The app is designed for supported classroom or home use for educational projects and there is no ‘check your answers’ magic button.
  • For fun projects such as memory-style pairs games, school-age friends can self-manage the app and the outcomes.

Move and Match has sharing built in, so that a .mmatch file can be emailed to other Move and Match users or stored or distributed via Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • We've made free projects available here: and it is best to use Safari on iPad. (We had trouble with Chrome for iPad.)
  • Move and Match also allows images of projects to be shared or stored for access later which may lead to less printing in some settings.

Note about Move and Match Lite:

  • The range of demo projects included should inspire teachers, parents and students when they later use Move and Match as a fully functioning app.
  • The Lite app can also be used by very young learners due to its ‘non-destructive’ functionality, using projects made in the full version.

Key features:

  • Match letters / numbers / colours for very young or young learners
  • Match words and images for vocabulary for language learners
  • Make memory-style pairs activities for education or fun
  • Use with numbers for math problems with any learners
  • Create a photo dictionary with example sentences
  • Take a background photo or use a camera roll image and add text labels
  • Use activities for vocabulary or comprehension with a background image exported from Keynote or PowerPoint or any image / map / etc.
  • Move words to create sentences, move multiple words to complete sentences or sentences to create paragraphs
  • Reorder paragraphs to complete a story or reorder grammar items

A versatile iPad education app for creating and using projects in many languages.


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